American Gothic Press, established in 2015, is a publishing imprint of Famous Monsters consisting of comic books in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genres.

Famous Monsters of Filmland was the very first entertainment fan magazine of its kind, having been established in 1958 by Forrest J Ackerman and publisher James Warren. The originally black and white publication acted as solace and inspiration for an entire generation of genre filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, John Carpenter, and Guillermo del Toro. Ackerman also co-created one of the most enduring comic book heroes of all time—the seductive Vampirella.

American Gothic Press marks FM’s journey back to the creation of original characters, as well as a means for a new generation of storytellers to publish quality, visionary genre content.

Following a stunningly successful first year, the imprint plans to keep the spirit of imaginative storytelling alive and well beyond the pages that an entertainment magazine can provide. We hope the monster kids will join us.

Publisher   PHILIP KIM
Publisher   DOMINIE LEE
Editor-in-Chief   HOLLY INTERLANDI
Art Director   JENN PHAM
Graphic Designer   NATALIE SEVERS
Social Media Coordinator   CHASE HENSLEY

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