Script by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour
Art and Colors by Jeff Zornow



Somewhere between JURASSIC PARK and THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU you’ll find ISLAND 731, a high-tension thriller that begins when a ship blows off course during a storm and ends up in the cove of an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean.

Several of the ship’s crew, including former park ranger Mark Hawkins and biologist Avril Joliet, go ashore to search for missing crew members, and eventually stumble upon an experimental facility from World War II that seems to have never been shut down. The island and facility are crawling with hybrids, or “chimeras” — animal species spliced together to create lethal, brand new creatures. But as Joliet and Hawkins soon discover, it’s not only animals that have been experimented on, and the person behind it may very well be someone they know…

Between flying draco-snakes, piranha seagulls, tentacle crocodiles, mutant spiders, and a giant creature called “Kaiju”, ISLAND 731 is a menacing monster mash that could only come from the mind of PROJECT NEMESIS’s Jeremy Robinson!

Island 731 1

Island 731 #1
Cover by Jeff Zornow

Island 731 2

Island 731 #2
Cover by Jeff Zornow

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