Famous Monsters of Filmland’s new comic imprint, American Gothic Press—which is debuting a slate of brand new original comics this year from legends like Steve Niles, Paul Tobin, Darick Robertson, and Nat Jones—proudly announces BORNHOME as coming in July of 2015. Carrying the torch of intense science fiction that AGP began with their first series GUNSUITS, BORNHOME will be a four-issue mini-series written by Einser winner Paul Tobin (PROMETHEUS, COLDER, BANDETTE) and illustrated by industry veteran Jeff Johnson (GREEN LANTERN, X-O MANOWAR).

Eton Langer is marooned on the planet Bornhome after his ship is knocked out of a space battle for the universe’s most valuable substance, TerraCore. The bizarre world of Bornhome was formed from a mining colony whose supply of TerraCore eventually ran out, and was then crudely re-landscaped into a planet-sized amusement park, but ultimately abandoned once again—now haunted by broken rollercoaster tracks and fiberglass horses. While desperately trying to contact home base, Langer befriends a strange little boy living in the ruins of the carousel and coaster cars. But nighttime is coming, and Langer will soon find out that there are things on Bornhome much worse than pirates.

BORNHOME is an atmospheric rollercoaster ride in the cosmic Sci-Fi style of DRIFTER and BLACK SCIENCE, and it joins GUNSUITS on a slate from American Gothic that marks Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first return to original comics in over 40 years. Also slated to debut this year are Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) and Nat Jones’ (SPAWN) monster apocalypse tale BROKEN MOON, and best-selling author Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank’s (GODZILLA: RULERS OF EARTH) original kaiju story, PROJECT NEMESIS.

Despite the story’s broad scope, Tobin insists that character development is crucial to this series. “The important thing with characters is to give them individuality, a couple of quirks, and then to start asking yourself why they have those quirks,” he says. “A writer can just ask themselves these questions and characters start to take on life, personality, reasons for why they do things past ‘because it serves the plot.’ A lot of character material doesn’t make it down on a page when I’m writing, but it’s in my head, and it informs what does make it into a script.”

BORNHOME Issue #1 will ship with two covers, one by interior artist Jeff Johnson and an alternative cover by Darick Robertson.

Diamond Codes for BORNHOME #1, available for pre-order now through Previews. Ships in July.

Bornhome Cover Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson Cover A: MAY150904


Bornhome Darick Robertson Variant Cover Darick Robertson Cover B: MAY150905