Gunsuits #1
American Gothic Press
Created by: Philip Kim
Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: PJ Holden
Colors by: Diego Rodriguez
Letters by: Marshall Dillon
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks from Indie ComiX

Summary: Soldiers are crowded around screens watching for victory. No, it’s not a news broadcast: each of the screens shows a different world, a different reality, and a different way for a battle to play out between a gunsuit containing Cassandra “Potts” Potter and massive biomechanical monsters. These monsters have come through wormholes all over the globe from an alternate evolutionary timeline. Time after time Potts watches herself die, until miraculously one day the crew discovers a sequence where she stabs a monster with a giant spike, and wins.

Potts immediately mans her mech and dives through a portal to the corresponding world, where she almost loses a battle against a monster before her alternate self saves her via spike. They are two different versions of the same woman, brought to their respective positions from years of evolution and personal choices. Potts’ other self introduces her to a crew called the Tombstones, who are in the slightly earlier stages of defending their base from the tentacled bio-mechs and actually possess a refridgerator full of beer. Potts might be optimistic for the first time in years…

… until a new kind of bio-mech appears. One smaller than a cockroach but completely lethal. And swarms of them are about to storm the base. Is this new universe the solution, or just another path to destruction?

Review: As a first timer to American Gothic Press, (thank you May Previews!) my introduction to them via the first issue of their new series Gunsuits was in my view, a great way to dive into their brand of comic making. Especially with the fact this comic is aimed at one of my favorite things when it comes to Science Fiction. What is that you ask? Well why none other then the idea of parallel worlds of course! And rather then having the usual lead character be a man, we get a fairly awesome leading lady by the name of Potts. Who might have a thing for saying ‘shut up‘ to a guy named Tugger, but then again, considering he seems a bit mouthy, that might be a bit deserved! Philip and Paul also give us more than just parallel worlds, they give us ugly looking monsters who are pretty much going to town on every parallel Earth out there. And its all thanks to people using Science to tap into things that ought not to be messed with! Gotta love that sort of thing!  

So a big thanks to scientists for messing about like that. I kinda get the impression that the Earth we see here with our fair Potts is the primary Earth where things split off from for every decision that happens, resulting in another Earth where another outcome happened. The fact Potts and her bunch are able to view other Earths shows a high level of advanced technology. Course considering that scientists were able to build a device that allowed them to view another Earth tells you quite a bit there. Naturally, the Earth they visit had a whole different route of evolution to occur. And boy those suckers are some ugly creatures! PJ’s art shows them really well, and Diego’s colors certainly bring their grotesqueness to full on life! Everyone in this story is easily defineable thanks to PJ’s work, though if you aren’t paying careful attention, you could get confused later on when Potts meets herself.

And by the end of this, it seems Potts and friends may have found the answer they are looking for. But is it really the answer? Or a ploy of some kind meant to push through with a full on invasion? Only Phil and Paul know the answer to that! So if you’re looking for monsters, chicks piloting robots, alternate Earths, and all 3 of those things mixing together. Then check out Gunsuits and allow Phil and Paul to take you on a wild somewhat ugly ride! – See more at:—5282015.html#sthash.XTKkawoz.dpuf