By Shahab Zargari from Rise Up Daily

GUNSUITS is a whirlwind ride of mecha in constant battles with monsters from alternate universes, adapted from the short story “Wormholes”.

Without giving too much away in spoilers, the premise is a very original one. Apparently, we find a way to open up a wormhole to all possible realities and universes and one of the realities we came upon was full of humans who evolved differently than we did. They evolved more sinister, more evil, and more metal than flesh. These humans made tools and robots made of sinew and flesh, not metal. These “creatures” escaped that reality when the wormhole was opened and have now begun attacking ALL realities. Its up to the main character, a heroine named Potts, to save them all. As issue one opens we find out that they’ve gone through 317 realities already, and lost every battle so far. Ouch!

The first issue is a wild ride despite the fact that its setting the tone for the series and doing a lot of character introductions. Can’t wait to see where this story-line ends up taking the readers.

GUNSUITS, available for sale the first week in June, as well as being available on Comixology.