Review by Steven Leitman of Reading with a Flightring

Famous Monsters Presents: Gunsuits #1 (of 4)
On Sale June 3rd
American Gothic Press 2015
Written by Paul Tobin
Illustrated by PJ Holden
Colored by Diego Rodriguez

Alright I love a good monster story and more so when it’s mixed into a post apocalyptic science fiction scenario and this one fits that bill nicely.  I’m really impressed with the interior artwork as well PJ and Diego do a spectacular job in bringing this to life.  They really do a great job in showing us this world ravaged by these monsters that what’s left of the human population are doing their best to combat.

We open with a view of a team out on the streets of Chicago trying to find one of the monsters and then when they encounter it we see just how predatory and vicious they can be.  I don’t want to make any analogies but seriously this is what we hope for when seeing those made for SyFy movies, this is better written naturally but still it’s the kind of stuff that you think oh my goodness where could these creatures come from and how did they get here?  Terrified by them and infinitely fascinated at the same time it’s an effective way to grab the reader’s attention right off the bat so we stick around.

When we see those who are watching this battle back at some command center things get even weirder.  The woman leading the charge in that suit is also there in the command center watching herself die at the creature’s hand.  It isn’t long before we learn the answer to how that’s possible when we learn that the technology they have and are using are allowing them to view alternate universes where Pott’s seems to constantly watch her counterparts die.  Suddenly the intrigue factor has been upped a thousand percent because if they have the technology to allow them to see into alternate universes then why don’t they have the technology at their disposal to destroy these creatures?

This crew watching seem to be the main players here as they search beyond hope for a view of someone getting the upper hand against the creatures.  Also the characterization here is pretty spectacular and the information we learn about them, the world they live and what they’ve been through is displayed by Paul beautifully.  Potts herself is an integral part of this story and seeing her try to sleep and seeing what she’s experienced and what drives her now is not only intense but defines her as a person.  

The history of these universes is kind of told from one Potts to another and it’s this look that really demonstrates the scope of the story being told here.  This is a massive undertaking to be done in four issues but hopefully it’s really just the first stage in a series of mini-series that showcase how they defend their worlds and overcome what’s befallen them.

As far as first issue introductions go this one has it all, it shows us the dangers of everyday life and the pursuit of ending that threat once and for all while showing us how it all began.  Creepy as all get out and more technologically advanced than you’d expect this book ushers in the future of our fears with growing achievements and whether they should be tried make for an uncertain future though this one could happen and that’s the creepiest part of all.

Innovative, fun and could be horror science story. What more could you ask for?