With GUNSUITS #4 debuting September 23, we thought it would be fun to share some of PJ Holden‘s amazing pencils and inks from issues one and three. Much like our lovable biomechanical monsters, Holden’s art evolves into something twisted and amazing throughout his creative process, finishing with wonderful coloring by Diego Rodriguez.

Issue One, Page 11:



gunsuit01_011 color


Issue Three, Page 17:



Gunsuits03_017_colorWhile you can purchase all issues on Comixology and Amazon, don’t forget to also preorder a copy of GUNSUITS VOLUME 1: EVOLUTIONARY TACTICS by filling-out this simple form and taking it to your local comics retailer! The cut-off date is September 24, which gives you plenty of time. In fact, you could even take it to your comics retailer while purchasing GUNSUITS #4, the day prior to the cutoff! Don’t you love it when we make things easy for you?