What’s better than picking-up the first issue of BROKEN MOON? A matching exclusive signed BROKEN MOON poster by writer Steve Niles! We announced our poster contest on Wednesday, and already you fans have been sending in selfies with your copies of BROKEN MOON #1 by the dozens! The contest ends Sunday at midnight, so be sure to take a selfie with the issue and tag us on Instagram (@AGPMonsters) or Twitter (@AGPMonsters) as soon as possible to be entered!

MrBones selfie

And speaking of contests, our BORNHOME contest ends today! So if you’re still hankering for a copy signed by artist Jeff Johnson, head on over and enter immediately before it’s too late and the Kind Souls consume you. If you don’t end up winning, you can still purchase the first two issues on Amazon.

Vampires, and Werewolves, and Kind Souls (oh my!)!