Happy New Comic Book Day! We’re extremely excited to inform you that GUNSUITS #4 is out today, and we couldn’t be prouder of it! Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by PJ Holden, GUNSUITS #4 is the exciting conclusion to this first arc. Featuring sinister kaiju monstrosities, deadly creepy crawlies, and badass mechs, you’re definitely getting a tremendous bang for your buck! It’s available to purchase at your local comics retailer, Amazon, and comiXology, so we’ve got all your bases covered.


But wait, there’s more! The preorder cutoff for retailer orders for the first paperback volume of GUNSUITS are due tomorrow, September 24th. GUNSUITS VOL. 1: EVOLUTIONARY TACTICS hits shelves in November and collects issues 1-4, as well as additional bonus material—including a foreword by Godzilla suitmaster Haruo Nakajima! So get your handy preorder form to your local comics retailer ASAP!