Hope everyone had an amazing New Comic Book Day yesterday, and surely you all picked-up the final issue of GUNSUITS #4! Today is another special day in the world of comics, for preorders are due for the month of November! And we here at American Gothic Press have two exciting titles coming out that month that we’d love to help guarantee you’ll get at your local comics retailer. PROJECT NEMESIS #2 and GUNSUITS VOLUME 1: EVOLUTIONARY TACTICS, both of which we’ve provided handy-dandy preorder forms for you to fill-out below. So do exactly that! Fill them out and hand them to your local comics retailer by the end of today to ensure your steady supply of awesome American Gothic Press titles doesn’t get disrupted!

Godzilla suitmaster Haruo Nakajima is doing the forward for GUNSUITS Vol 1! Be sure to get your pre-orders in today!