So we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from you all on social media (Facebook, Twitter) in regards to our titles and what you’re loving so far. However, it deeply saddens us that some of you are without copies of our latest and greatest! Here at American Gothic Press, we want to make things as easy as possible for you to continue to enjoy and devour our comics in every shape and form.

We’re a fan of using pre-order forms and sharing them with you. Because you know who else enjoys pre-order forms? Your local comics retailer! We do all the work, and all we ask of you is to print and fill them out, then waltz on in and hand it to them. Especially with awesome titles like PROJECT NEMESIS on the horizon, you want to be prepared!

Feel free to print out the pre-order forms below. And if you want to catch-up on our back issues, you can always head on over to Comixology or Amazon to fulfill your GUNSUITS, BORNHOME, and BROKEN MOON needs!

That was easy. Err, Easy simple that was!