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“[Paul] Tobin and the rest of the creative team offer a story that is influenced enough by the sci-fi epics that have come before it to whet the appetite of the casual sci-fi fan, but also includes enough original material and twists on the genre to provide a unique and exciting, space-based comic series.” –Fanboy Comics

Eton Langer is marooned on the planet Bornhome after his ship is knocked out of a space battle for the universe’s most valuable substance, TerraCore, which terraforms planets. The bizarre world of Bornhome was formed from a mining colony whose supply of TerraCore eventually ran out. It was then crudely re-landscaped into a planet-sized amusement park, but ultimately abandoned once again—now haunted by broken rollercoaster tracks and fiberglass horses and mysterious, wraith-like creatures called the Kind Souls.

Instead of facing this strange landscape alone, Langer stumbles across Timi, a boy who seems far too nonchalant about death and TerraCore and everything Langer used to consider important. He meets Shane, Timi’s caretaker, and soon adapts to being surrounded by old funhouses and strange children like Timi, nearly losing himself when he and Shane develop a romance. But Tash, Langer’s former nemesis and fellow pilot, has recruited a band of pirates to track Langer down, and it won’t be long before they come in swinging at anything—or anyone—they can hit.