To start your week out right, we’ve got some lovely BORNHOME #3 preview pages coming at you! Continuing the adventures of Langer stranded on the planet Bornhome, he’s still managing to survive thanks to his new unlikely friends. However, now he has to worry about his nemesis Tash, as well as the Kind Souls too. Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Jeff Johnson. Need a reminder of who’s who? Buy the first two issues on Comixology or the Captain Company store!

What makes a human? Langer begins to learn that Shane and her companions are different in ways that make him a little uncomfortable. But his revelations are interrupted by Tash and his band of pirates, who come storming into Shane’s camp, capturing kids and ready to kill. Langer, Shane, and Timi are suddenly in a race for survival, and no one is guaranteed to get out alive!


Bornhome #3 cover a

Bornhome #3 preview page 1

Bornhome #3 preview page 2

Bornhome #3 preview page 3

Bornhome #3 preview page 4

Bornhome #3 preview page 5

Bornhome #3 preview page 6