We now have a trailer for PROJECT NEMESIS #2 by Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank! Be sure to pick-up the second issue tomorrow at your local comic book store, CaptainCo, Amazon, or Comixology! There’s so much action in this issue, it will blow your mind! The story is great, the art is phenomenal, and the colors are mesmerizing. But don’t take our totally unbiased word for it, go pick up your copy ASAP!

Nemesis is wreaking havoc all over New England, and she’s not even in her final stages! FC-P Investigator Jon Hudson is neck-deep in monster mayhem, but he’ll need luck convincing the authorities that it’s actually a kaiju tearing down buildings on the way to Boston. Meanwhile, people are going missing, bodies are turning up torn to shreds, and General Lance Gordon is showing some disturbing changes following a heart transplant from Nemesis herself…

Comixology: http://ow.ly/T83jL
Amazon: http://ow.ly/UJjIa
CaptainCo: http://ow.ly/UJjum
Local Comic Shop: http://ow.ly/SUQHa