Christmas Countdown, Day 5. Merry Christmas, AGP Monsters! It’s been quite the week leading up to this merriest of holidays, and we here at American Gothic Press have made sure you got something special every day this week. We’re the coolest advent calendar you never even purchased! So what special thing are we sharing with you on Christmas Day? Will it be a Christmas goose the size of Tiny Tim? A ball of Philip Kim‘s earwax? Nay! We have something incredibly exciting and exclusive for you: a sneak peak at our highly anticipated upcoming new series. Boils and Ghouls, BEHOLD! The first two panels of KILLBOX #1, written by Tom Riordan and beautifully executed by your new favorite artist, Nathan Gooden. Feel free to share this image far and wide! The only thing we’ll divulge at this time: KILLBOX is a high-octane action comic with art so good, it’ll snipe you right in the heart! Expect to hear more details soon, but in the meantime thanks for all your support in 2015, and enjoy your Christmas!

american gothic press christmas countdown, day 5