Happy Friday! We here at American Gothic Press have seen a surge in ‘likes,’ ‘favorites,’ and follows on social media this past week due to our announcement of publishing the lost season of IRWIN ALLEN’S LOST IN SPACE this past Monday. We’re excited that you’re all so excited about it! One of the comments we kept hearing over and over was, “That cover with Dr. Smith screaming in horror looks amazing!” That cover was done by the oh-so-talented Patrick McEvoy, and we’re ga-ga over the cover as well. So as a little Friday treat, we’re sharing his inks, colors, and final cover with you all to ogle at! Watch Dr. Smith’s horror come to life, step-by-step. And if you’re jonesing for more of McEvoy’s art in the meantime, check out his website and his previous works. If you’re a fan of all-things monsters, Patrick is your guy! Tell him on Twitter how much you love his stuff, he’d love to hear it! We’ll definitely have an artist profile on him closer to the release of IRWIN ALLEN’S LOST IN SPACE: THE LOST ADVENTURES #1, but in the meantime, enjoy his process!

patrick mcevoy sketch lost in space 1

patrick mcevoy color lost in space 1

lost in space patrick mcevoy