We have the PROJECT NEMESIS #3 trailer now up at our YouTube channel! Powerless to stop the physical growth of Nemesis, Hudson and Collins harness military firepower, emergency vehicles, and armored tanks to blockade the freeway route to Boston in a last ditch effort to deter the monster. Meanwhile, General Gordon is on a mission of his own with help of his newfound powers and leaving a trail of dead men in his wake.

Written by Jeremy Robinson and illustrated by Matt Frank, PROJECT NEMESIS #3 will be available on Comixology, Captain Co., Amazon, and your local comic book shop tomorrow, December 30, 2015!

Comixology: http://ow.ly/T83jL
Amazon: http://ow.ly/UJjIa
CaptainCo: http://ow.ly/Wrjju
Local Comic Shop: http://ow.ly/SUQHa