Welcome to December, boils and ghouls! Hopefully your Aunt Marge’s tofurkey didn’t kill you last week, and you managed to also survive the onslaught of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the merry month of December! In case you were wondering, Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals have been EXTENDED at CaptainCo.com, so take advantage of them until we run out of good deals or free giveaways with every purchase!

This month, we’re releasing three amazing comics to bring some horror and dread to your holiday season (you’re welcome!). First, the chaos continues in BROKEN MOON #3 by Steve Niles and Nat Jones, out December 9th aka next week. Second, we have MONSTER WORLD #1 by Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski, and Dennis Calero, out December 16th. This new series will give you chills, it’s so good! You’ll never look at the old Hollywood monster movies the same way again. And finally this month we have PROJECT NEMESIS #3 by Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank, out December 30th. Nemesis vs the East Coast, and she hasn’t even reached her final form yet! With a healthy helping of horror, monsters, and kaiju, we have all your bases covered this month. Who needs family when you’ve got us? All titles will be available to purchase at CaptianCo, Amazon, Comixology, and your local comic shop.

And in a few weeks, we’ll be making another major announcement that’s out of this world, so stay tuned! If you think we’ve been kicking butt in 2015, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for 2016! All aboard the AWESOME TRAIN, because where we’re going, we don’t need rails.

broken moon 3 cover a december

broken moon 3 cover b december

monster world 1 cover a december

monster world 1 cover b december

project nemesis 3 cover a december

project nemesis 3 cover b december