Have your January Checklist ready, for there will be a test afterwards. Congratulations, AGP Monsters! You survived the first month of 2016. After the world started the year on a low note, we regained our composure and brought you some of the best Sci-Fi and Horror comics money can buy! Sadly, two of our beloved series ended, while our latest addition is going strong after two issues (and selling out at the distributor level again!).

BROKEN MOON #4 by Steve Niles & Nat Jones brought a close to the first arc of this post-apocalyptic monster series, going out the bloodiest high note possible. MONSTER WORLD #2 by Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski, and Dennis Calero continued down the mysterious and suspenseful noir path, while beautifully blending private eyes, ladies in red, and things that go “bump” in the night. GUNSUITS by Paul Tobin PJ Holden got collected in trade paperback, and we’re so proud of it becoming our first ever TPB under the American Gothic Press banner. And finally, BORNHOME #4 by Paul Tobin & Jeff Johnson took a final bow, as Captain Langer and Tash battled for Bornhome, making us pour out a little Terracore for our fallen homies that Langer crash-landed on. If you’re missing any of the titles from your checklist, you can purchase them at CaptainCo.com.

January was a fun month, and we’ll be looking forward to PROJECT NEMESIS #4 and MONSTER WORLD #3 next month, as well as BROKEN MOON VOL. 1: WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE TPB. More details on those next week! Have a great weekend.

broken moon #4 preview pages cover a

gunsuits vol. 1