The Silver Scream Film & Comic Festival is quickly approaching, with the first weekend of March right around the corner! Another thing looming? The next deadline for submitting your graphic novel script or concept art! Every month that passes, the more it costs to submit your work, so all the more reason to submit what you have now before the price increases on January 18th! While you can submit a film as well for laurels and accolades (Feature Film, Short Film, Animation, Screenplay), submitting a comic or graphic novel gives you the amazing chance to have your work published by American Gothic Press! The categories you can submit to are Graphic Novel, Graphic Novel Script, and Graphic Novel Concept Art. Surely you’ve heard how hard it is to break into the comics industry. With the Silver Scream Film & Comic Festival, we’re giving you a huge opportunity to become a part of it! Click here to submit today!

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