Welcome to 2016, little AGP Monsters! We hope your New Year’s celebrations were splendid, and the hangovers weren’t too brutal (Drink some Pedialyte, it helps). Now that we’re officially in the far-off year of 2016, it’s back to business here at the American Gothic Press offices! Starting with January, we have three awesome titles coming out this month, two of them the final issues of their respected story arcs.

First up, we have BROKEN MOON #4 by Steve Niles, Philip Kim, and Nat Jones, due out January 13th. This final issue of the first volume is a battle for the ages as vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein’s monsters fight tooth-and-claw to the death! If that’s not awesome enough, there’s a new race making an appearance this issue as well. For a sneak peak for the first few pages, pick up your copy of FAMOUS MONSTERS #283, on newsstands now!

Next, we have MONSTER WORLD #2 by Steve Niles, Philip Kim, Piotr Kowalski, and Dennis Calero, due out January 20th. Detective Henry Barrymore got quite the surprise last issue, and it looks like he’s falling deeper down the rabbit hole trying to solve this case. If you thought the first issue was great, wait until you read this second issue of your favorite new series!

And finally this month, we have BORNHOME #4 by Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson, due out January 27th. It’s been a long road for Eton Langer, and now the fate of Bornhome lies in his hands as he fights Tash for the planet, and the stockpile of valuable Terracore! BORNHOME was our second series ever published, and it brings a tear to our eyes that it’s finally ending this month.

So mark your calendars, for January is starting off 2016 right here at American Gothic Press!

welcome to 2016 broken moon 4

welcome to 2016 monster world 2

welcome to 2016 bornhome 4