KILLBOX, American Gothic Press’s brutal new independent series by Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden, ships to comic shops this Wednesday, April 27! It’s a reality competition bathed in blood as bartender Timothy Choir attempts to be the last man standing in order to win money for his dying son. But there are odds against him calculated using the most diabolical methods imaginable, and it may not be in everyone’s best interests for him to survive.

This #1 issue opens the door to the wider, completely insane world of KILLBOX, where the most vivid of underground entertainment comes with a price, and there are always people desperate enough to pay it. “[The killbox] is not broadcast on television, and the vast majority of the inhabitants of this near-future are completely unaware of its existence; in fact, great pains are gone through to ensure its secrecy,” says first-time writer Riordan. “It’s not a spectacle; it’s gritty, dark, forbidden, and hidden.”

Below is a preview of the cover and first six pages of KILLBOX #1, with blistering art by DEADEYE artist Nathan Gooden. Variant cover by Darick Robertson.



Killbox_001_Page_2 Killbox_001_Page_3 Killbox_001_Page_4 Killbox_001_Page_5 Killbox_001_Page_6 Killbox_001_Page_7