Written by: Philip Kim (story) and Holly Interlandi (script)

Art by: Dennis Calero

A virtual “prequel” to Paul Tobin and PJ Holden’s original GUNSUITS adventure, GUNSUITS: ALIX is an alternate take on what could happen when overachieving humanity attempts to connect to parallel universes, only to encounter nightmarish creatures that cause the end of the world.
On World 4616 — one where Cassandra “Potts” Potter loses dramatically in battle to a giant, tentacled bio-mech — her fellow soldier Reegan Alexis, or “Alix”, is picked up in pieces by Dr. Walter Rice and formed into a new kind of warrior. After she awakens in Rice’s basement, delirious and half-dead, Alix learns of how the bio-mechs invaded the earth and what it might take to stop them.

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