It’s the penultimate issue of kaiju mayhem! A strangely mutated General Gordon wanders through Boston alleyways, searching for something his monstrous heart transplant desperately wants him to find… at the top of a high-rise apartment building. Meanwhile, Nemesis continues her assault on Hudson’s home town of Beverly, and it’s going to take military-grade ammunition to stop her.

Jeremy Robinson’s best-selling novel adaptation with art by Matt Frank has been called “a really solid, well put together mini-series that has something new to offer the giant monster genre,” by Comic Bastards. Don’t miss a second of the action.

Below are the first six pages of PROJECT NEMESIS #5.

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ProjectNemesis_Issue005_CVRAProjectNemesis_Issue005_CVRB ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_6 ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_2 ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_3 ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_4 ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_5 ProjectNemesis_Issue005_Previews_Page_1