Tomorrow sees the release of the collected edition of Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson’s Sci-Fi epic BORNHOME — a four-issue tale of pirate wars, genetic evolution, and the most valuable substance in the universe, finally available in paperback for easy reading!

But if we reprinted only the issues themselves, what would be the point, right? We’ve made sure to stuff the back of the trade with extra goodies to make it all worthwhile, and that includes some pretty sweet concept art from artist Jeff Johnson! BORNHOME, after all, is a space epic, and those involve spaceships. We knew as soon as we saw Jeff’s tech designs that he’d be the man for the job.

See some of his concept art below alongside descriptions of what he was thinking when he drew it, and be sure to pick up the BORNHOME trade paperback on Wednesday, May 11!

cargoship-1Jeff Johnson: “The idea for the cargo ship is that it’s an amalgamation of several different sections all put together based on the needs of the delivery and cargo, not unlike a space train.”

Stinger“The stinger is Tash’s fighter ship. I front loaded it with weapons and gave it a hint of shark. I tried to design all the vehicles to reflect the personality and purpose of the characters that used them.”


“For the Destroyer Veritas, I just took the idea of the standard aircraft carrier and put it in space. I also have a weakness for symmetry.”

Langer-front“Langer’s space suit is supposed to reminiscent of a knight’s armor.”