Believe it or not, comic book characters aren’t just barfed onto a page fully-formed like Athena springing out of Zeus’s head. Classic superhero characters get countless redesigns, and so do their noir and horror counterparts. When AGP hired on Piotr Kowalski for MONSTER WORLD, we knew we would be getting something great, but as these sketches will show you, Hank Barrymore and the mysterious Shirley were conceived far differently from how they ended up in the pages of Steve Niles’ and Philip Kim’s Casablanca-meets-Dracula tale.


The classic “redhead who shouldn’t be trusted”, Kowalski tried the traditional approach first, giving her bangs and freckles and a smile…


… before darkening her expression and lips to emphasize that she might be hiding something.

mwstuff3_resultWith Dennis Calero’s colors added, the final Shirley is suitably mysterious!



Our private detective may have started out as a classic Bogart archetype…


… but eventually we opted to make him blonde and fairly innocuous as a way of indicating that he’s in over his head.


The final Hank, blonde and charming, is a fish out of water amongst the monsters in the dungeon.


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