We’re quite sure you’ve heard about our Kickstarter by now (and if not, check out the press release and then GO PRE-ORDER!), but believe it or not, AGP still has regular comics coming out, and this particular Wednesday we have THREE. Good things come in threes, after all!


Based on the unseen scripts of Carey Wilber, this issue marks the conclusion of “The Curious Galactics” storyline, and it starts with a bang — that is, a giant tentacle monster! Everyone loves tentacle monsters, right? Well, Will Robinson certainly doesn’t, at least in these first six pages. Find out what happens afterwards at your local comic shop or on comiXology!

Writers: Carey Wilber (teleplay), Holly Interlandi (adaptation)
Art: Kostas Pantoulas
Colors: Patrick McEvoy
Letters: Marshall Dillon


It’s time: the last issue of Jeremy Robinson’s PROJECT NEMESIS adaptation has arrived, and we’ve got a sneak peek right here!

Nemesis has arrived seaside in Boston, ready to lay waste to some buildings that get in her way of revenge! And Hudson is still trying to stop her… but should he? An encounter with Alexander Tilly at the top of a high-rise might change Hudson’s outlook on the situation completely, and ultimately determine Nemesis’s fate.

Grab Issue 6 at your local shop or on comiXology to see how it all plays out!

Writer: Jeremy Robinson
Artist: Matt Frank
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Marshall Dillon


KILLBOX is the third AGP title to hit shops this week, and it’s the one where everything really ramps up… in ways you might not expect! There’s been a lot of murder and mayhem so far with a mysterious figure called Leonard pulling the strings, but as Tim and Emi are soon to find out, that’s not all that’s going on in the Killbox. A chance meeting with a strange priest will change their perspective on everything.

It’s blistering, black and white, and brimming with violence. If you haven’t checked out KILLBOX yet, now is the time to do so!

Writer: Tom Riordan
Artist: Nathan Gooden
Letters: Marshall Dillon

Don’t forget, if your shop runs out, all American Gothic Press titles are available at comiXology and CaptainCo.