Waking up to a world gone wrong…

You’ve already read the smash four-issue GUNSUITS mini written by Paul Tobin (PROMETHEUS) and drawn by 2000AD veteran PJ Holden (JUDGE DREDD). Today, American Gothic Press invites you to discover where it all began: a short story about the end of the civilized world. Originally written by Philip Kim and adapted into script form by Holly Interlandi with gorgeous documentary-style art by Dennis Calero, GUNSUITS: ALIX opens with a near-death experience for Lieutenant Reegan Alexis on World #4616 when a giant tentacled creature rips her mech in half. When she awakens with amnesia in a military fallout shelter, the mysterious Dr. Rice is there to jog her memory… and explain where her new legs came from.

Below, see the first six pages of GUNSUITS: ALIX, available today on comiXology and at your local comic shop!