Marooned with Monsters…

If you dig adventure, nautical badassery, creepy hybrid snakes, giant spiders, mutant crocodiles, explosions, and general mayhem (who doesn’t?), then ISLAND 731 is the new series you simply cannot miss. It’s based on a novel by Jeremy Robinson, author of PROJECT NEMESIS, and rendered in glorious comic book form by scribe Kane Gilmour and Godzilla guru Jeff Zornow!

While studying the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, former ranger Mark Hawkins and the crew of the Magellan are blown hopelessly off course and into the bay of a mysterious island — once a World War II outpost, now an experiment site gone wrong. A search for missing crew members turns into revelation after revelation, and soon, a fight for survival.

Even if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to science fiction adventures, ISLAND 731 goes that extra mile to seriously disturb you. It’s H.G. Wells on steroids.

Check out the first six pages of ISLAND 731 #1 below, and pick up the book at your local comic shop this Wednesday, August 10!