“Malice in Wonderland” begins!

Heads up, all you LOST IN SPACE freaks who have fond memories of Season 3 and all the goofiness it brought: Irwin Allen’s LOST IN SPACE: THE LOST ADVENTURES Issue 4 is finally here, and it’s about as ridiculous as they come! Or so it seems, when Will, Penny, Smith, and the Robot are whisked away to a universe resembling “Alice in Wonderland”. But there is something insidious lurking beneath the familiar faces of the characters, and it soon becomes clear that the Queen of Hearts will do almost anything to escape the story.

Check out a preview of the first six pages below, and pick up LOST IN SPACE #4 at your local comic shop this Wednesday, 9/14!

Based on the teleplay by Carey Wilber
Written by Holly Interlandi
Art and Covers by Patrick McEvoy

If you missed the first three issues, you can catch up on comiXology or CaptainCo!