Need an excuse to head to Alien Con? Look no further than this: your esteemed editors at American Gothic Press will be there to review your artwork and/or comic book pitches in consideration for AGP’s 2017 publishing slate!

Please note that we do not guarantee job offers; however, this is an opportunity to get an appraisal of you work from industry professionals and gain knowledge on how to improve your craft. Please check updates to the Alien Con schedule for review times and locations.


American Gothic Press publishes unique and intelligent takes on the horror, Sci-Fi, and fantasy genres. Of course, we have a soft spot for monsters.

We focus on mini-series of four to six issues which can be collected into trade paperbacks. We are not keen on tropes, cheesecake, or lazy characterization. Please take your jungle babes in bikinis elsewhere.


Please bring 10 to 15 pieces of original work. At least 5 of the pages should be sequential, or storyboarded panels. While pinups are beautiful to look at, they don’t mean much in the way of comic book interiors.


Your pitch should include the following:
A logline – If you had to pitch your story in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
Short summary – Give us a paragraph or two describing your plans for the series, including main characters, antagonists, and world-building.
Issue breakdown – If your pitch is of a specific length, please (briefly) outline what happens in each issue, including specifics of pacing, etc. (NOTE: AGP deals almost exclusively in 4 to 6 issue miniseries, although longer pitches will be considered.)
Script pages – Please provide a sample of 3-5 detailed script pages from your story. This should be a close-to-final script, including panel assignments, dialogue, captions, and page breaks.

You are also encouraged to bring recommendations from former clients and/or a resume.

Check out more info about Alien Con here. We hope to see you there!