The legend continues!

Fear not, oh faithful readers: although it has been some time between issues of our second BROKEN MOON series, we promise that there is more coming, and it’s worth waiting for!

We last left Korbin and Lorren on the verge of a vicious conflict in Grand Island, Nebraska — a temporary safe haven for struggling humans who are running out of food and getting restless. But before anything can be resolved, a tribe of gill men arrive, and they don’t look to be playing games! This is where Issue 2 begins, and we’d like to tease a few of our favorite upcoming moments, all illustrated by the genius that is Nat Jones!

You’ll get a crash course in gill man history…


Wolf-on-sea-mutant battles…


A terrifying and eldritch addition to our roster of monsters…


Violent death (of course) and a bit of adorable werewolf-snuggling…


And well, we can’t give too much away, but you might even see some familiar faces!


So keep your eyes peeled to your local shop and comiXology for the debut of BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP Issue 2!

Miss the first issue? Get it here or here!