It’s a snake! It’s a flying lizard! It’s… both?

When we last left Hawkins and Joliet, they were about to become flying-snake food in the jungle of an unknown Pacific island. The creatures seem to be protecting their territory… and when Hawkins and Joliet make it back to the beach, their shipmate has turned one dug-up skeleton into a whole army of bones! The mysteries surrounding the island hit their peak when the Magellan is attacked by a shadowy creature too big to be human. It turns out that the flying snakes are just the beginning.

Below are the covers and first six pages of Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour’s ISLAND 731 #2, a killer adventure with new twists around every corner. The issue hits shops this Wednesday, 10/12!

ISLAND 731 #2
Written by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour
Art and Covers by Jeff Zornow