Down the rabbit hole we go…

In this second issue of “Malice in Wonderland”, Will and the Robot have found themselves at the edge of a massive cliff. Characters that resemble Smith, including the snarky, headless Cheshire Cat, keep giving them frustrating clues about the nature of their plight, and it appeares less and less likely that logic applies to any of them. What’s more, a very easily agitated Queen of Hearts is convinced that the answer to her predicament lies in the book Penny was reading in the cave!

Below are the covers and first six pages of Irwin Allen’s LOST IN SPACE: THE LOST ADVENTURES #5. The book ships to comic shops this Wednesday, 10/12!

“Malice in Wonderland, Part 2”
Based on the teleplay by Carey Wilber
Written by Holly Interlandi
Art and Covers by Patrick McEvoy