The game is far from over.

KILLBOX, last year’s brutal breakout hit from AGP, will continue in 2017 with a new city, a new game, and some bizarre otherworldly occurences that were only touched upon at the end of the first series.

KILLBOX: CHICAGO follows Timothy, Emi, and Sasha — who have been on the run since the Los Angeles game imploded — as they seek help from Emi’s connections to the yakuza. The new arc also features previous villains Irwin and Leonard as they engage with new contestants Aya Mori and Wilky Dae; and all the while, a strange new trio of haunting figures stalks the streets with sinister purpose.

“This arc of of Killbox is a bit darker, weirder, more disconnected,” says writer Tom Riordan. “AGP showed a lot of faith and granted me the latitude to take the story down a pretty dark alley. I think it’s paid off.”

The new KILLBOX saga also introduces Italian artist Marco Ferrari, making his American comic series debut following his illustration of Victor Gischler’s “Bad Alchemy” in TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION.

The first issue of KILLBOX: CHICAGO lands at comic shops in June!