We’re back!

American Gothic Press deeply apologizes for the long delay between new series. The office was adversely affected by the Northern California fires of October 2017, and it took us a while to put the pieces back together and bring you something truly awesome.

Never fear: in addition to several new creator-owned books coming your way, a brand new arc of MONSTER WORLD is brewing that takes Detective Hank Barrymore from the movie studios of California to the dusty plains of Oklahoma!

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE marks the return of original series creator Philip Kim (BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP) with script editor Holly Interlandi (LOST IN SPACE, LAST SONG), artistic powerhouse Piotr Kowalski (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, BLOODBORNE), and colorist Dennis Calero (MARVEL NOIR, GUNSUITS: ALIX).

In the year after Shirley was whisked away by John Price’s dragon, Hank has researched the occult and managed to trap a demon, Nybbas, in his shoddy New York apartment.


The cackling Nybbas reluctantly tells Hank about the beginning of time… and where monsters actually came from.


Hank’s occult summoning book is awash with colorful paintings about gods, angels, watchers, and abominations that sprung up as offspring of unwanted couplings.


The stories tell of mankind from before monsters who knew the world was changing, that violence was coming, and sent ships containing their children through dimensional portals so that their fate would not befall them.


The demon sends Hank to the center of the Oklahoma dust bowl, where rumors of a pre-monster man have arisen…


… and the unnatural nature of his surroundings may just be the clue that Hank needs to find Shirley.


MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE is coming to American Gothic Press in 2019.