Welcome to a behind the scenes look at the making of NICE, AGP’s brand new hipster noir series.

You’ve probably seen the cover art, a few characters, maybe even finished panels; but how about a peek behind the curtain to see how comic book professionals go from a script to a completed page? Much like film and television, there are multiple steps involved in making each piece add up to a full issue of suspense.


Rene first draws a rough page layout from the script. And it’s truly a rough — the figures may or may not have faces on them, because panel shape is the most important part of this stage. The sequential storytelling must bring a reader from the top left to the bottom right of the page using the right combination of division and connection.

Once the layout is approved, the inking process begins. It’s not uncommon for several things to change at this stage, be they character positioning or panel order. In fact, many comics include a penciling stage ahead of the inks (this is especially common in mainstream superhero titles). One of Rene’s many strengths is his use of shadowing.

When the page is inked, we pass it to Dennis Calero, colorist extraordinaire. Important details like lighting direction and skin tone are addressed. When colors are finalized, the page is ready to letter.

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