Two friends go drinking in the woods and accidentally hit a homeless man with a bottle. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the predicament given to the two main characters of WHISPER IN THE WOODS, a graphic short story that won the Best Graphic Novel award at Silver Scream Fest 2018.

Writer and artist Denis St. John says, “I always like a good cryptid sighting no matter what they end up being (it’s always owls)… Shani and Dani behave a lot like I did with my best friends in high school.”

‘Whisper in the Woods’ is a whimsical tale of humor and horror, where you’re just as likely to get your eye poked out as find donuts in the woods.

It’s also been entirely re-drawn and lettered from the original short, meaning you won’t find the version in Famous Monsters anywhere else!

If you enjoy ‘Whisper in the Woods’, you’re in luck, because Denis St. John is a man of many monsters. You can check out his other work here.