Just in case the first issue of GOLDEN AGE doesn’t have you excited, we thought we’d give a few hints about the narrative trajectory of Issue 2… in the form of advance preview pages!

Following hints provided by Nybbas, the demon of knowledge, Hank Barrymore has arrived in Boise City, Oklahoma, to find a rumored Enocian and learn about dimensional gateways. After getting clues from patrons at a dive bar, Hank heads for the Conway farm — but he he doesn’t get very far past front gate before he’s knocked out. Now there’s a shotgun in his face. Why do these people want him dead? What are they so afraid of?

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE #2 comes from an original story by AGP publisher Philip Kim with a script by Holly Interlandi. Piotr Kowalski is at a career best creating the interior art, with a strong supporting hand in colorist Dennis Calero. Graphic designer Jenn Pham is on letters.

Issue 2 is available for preorder through Diamond Previews (shop orders close on June 27), and from AGP’s own webstore, Captain Company!