Issue 1 recounts the legend. Issue 2 brings it to life.

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE continues with Issue 2 in August, and it’s up for preorder through Diamond Previews right now!

Armed with the knowledge of monster history and Enocian lore, Hank Barrymore has arrived at the Conway farm in Oklahoma, which is mysteriously calm and unbothered in the midst of a massive dust storm. But before he can get his bearings, a shotgun fires, and soon after Hank is knocked unconscious by a brute force. 

When he comes to, Hank is staring down the barrel of a gun wielded by Ken Conway, who holds a massive distrust for any stranger trespassing onto his property. And once Hank gets a glimpse of Cole, the Conways’ adopted son, it’s easy to see why. Cole is Goliath-like, muscular, and strangely alien. He’s clearly the opposite of his parents, clearly out of place… clearly an Enocian.

But does Cole understand what he is? And is Hank willing to meddle with the past of a family he’s never met?

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE Issue 2 takes a dark and emotional turn into the swirling Dust Bowl of 1934. Shipping to comic shops on August 21, the issue once again features a story by Philip Kim and script by Holly Interlandi, art by Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero, and letters by Jenn Pham.

Kowalski’s cover depicts a foreboding farmhouse and what looks to be a crashed ship, with someone (or something) inside.


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