Issue 3 doesn’t hit shops until September, but we got so excited about these interiors by Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero that we wanted to give you an early taste of the action.

In the following scene, Hank Barrymore is putting the pieces together: something has followed Cole, the Enocian, through a dimensional portal. The “something” turns about to be Belphegor, Behemoth, and Enepsigos — three high-ranking demons of Hell in search of the Enocian that eluded them. And of course, they’re going to demolish anything that gets in their way.

As a “warning”, these pages contain demonic violence and blood, though that’s more likely to be a temptation for most of you.

Issue 3 is currently available for preorder through Diamond Previews and AGP’s webstore, Captain Company!