We’ve given you a glimpse of the fantastic interior art for MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE #3. Now you can get a taste of the script, then storm your local shop to make sure they have it ordered!

Following an outburst at discovering his true identity, Cole Conway has returned to protect his family and farm from Rybach, an elemental sorcerer out for revenge. Hank Barrymore watches helplessly as the two trade barbs and magical blasts, ignorant of the true threat that is about to manifest in town and hunt them both down!

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE #3 is a story written by Publisher Philip Kim, Art Director Jorge Marrero, and Editor-in-Chief Holly Interlandi. Piotr Kowalski provides the line art, with Dennis Calero in charge of striking colors. Graphic designer Jenn Pham letters the issue.

Issue 3 is available for preorder from AGP’s official store and ships to comic book shops on September 18!