BLACK SUNDAY is a bit of a departure for American Gothic Press, although it might be the most “gothic” series we’ve ever released. Matt Dreiling‘s original script tells a bleak story about a family surviving the Great Depression in Kansas in the 1930s, and all the dust storms, poverty, and demonic entities that come with it. Illustrator Polychrome is making her sequential art debut with this first oversized issue that paints a relatively quiet historical portrait of survival — the calm before the storm, as it were.

During the editorial process, we spoke a lot about the possbility of adding color to the pages before ultimately deciding that stark black and white outlines accompanied by softer sand tones are what keep the spirit of the book intact. BLACK SUNDAY is both a powerful slice of history and a spooky ghost story as experienced by Charlie, the oldest son of the Leikam family.

In this preview, lettered by Catbot, farmer Clovis Leikam and a jack rabbit emerge to survey the desolate scene before them.



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