Stay out of the water.

AGP’s digital-first horror series HAG hits comiXology on Wednesday, January 15! This one’s been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be prouder of its modern take on darker EC comics stories and HOUSE OF SECRETS tales.

There’s a torrential rain on the coast of Texas, and Vietnam veteran Carl is trapped in the resulting flood. He’s well equipped to handle natural disasters, but this one has brought something else with it… something that seems to resemble his dead wife Louise, but also screeches like a banshee in the night.

HAG #1 is from the Silver Scream Fest award-winning script by Chad Stroup (SECRETS OF THE WEIRD), with covers and interior paintings by Jon Clark (THIN, TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION) and lettering by April Brown (BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP).

HAG will run for three issues. See more teaser art here!