“Everything’s gone straight to hell out there.”

Carl Simmons is in the middle of what he would call “a pickle”. Trapped in a flood, adrift in his fishing boat, looking for other survivors… and something begins to hiss at him. Something with claws.

Luckily, Carl is not completely alone, and in Issue 2 he enlists the help of his best friend Franklin, who has kept a collection of strange books on supernatural creatures since a certain incident in Vietnam. It’s welcome company, and Carl thinks they might actually have a shot.

Then the lights go out.

HAG #2 is written by Chad Stroup (SECRETS OF THE WEIRD) and illustrated by by Jon Clark (THIN, TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION), with letters by April Brown (BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP). Look for it on comiXology on February 12!

If you missed the first issue, get it here!