Hank Barrymore, private detective, recently uncovered the occult conspiracy behind the successful black and white horror pictures of World Studios (see MONSTER WORLD Volume 1), but ended up losing Shirley, a witch he fell reluctantly in love with, to the mysteries of magical gateways. Now well versed in sorcery and in possession of a summoning book, Barrymore calls upon the help of Nybbas, a minor demon, to explain the nature of the cosmic portals and how he might travel through them.

Nybbas sends him on a journey to the dust bowl of Oklahoma, where a mysterious farm boy is striking fear into the hearts of demons and townspeople alike. But the boy’s parents are not keen to be involved in a cosmic war — even when a local sorcerer returns, bearing a grudge of his own. And as it turns out, Hank may not be the only one looking for something… or someone.

Nybbas is a minor demon. A joke, you might say, to his peers. Hank is about to meet the real thing.

AGP’s flagship series returns with an epic new six-issue installment of gods and demons!

With story by Philip Kim (BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP), script by Jorge Marrero (PROJECT NEMESIS) and Holly Interlandi (LOST IN SPACE), and art by Piotr Kowalski (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE is sure to satisfy your thirst for all things diabolical and arcane.

Coming July 2019!

View teaser art below.