Name: Kevin

Occupation: Assistant Assassin

Visual trademarks: Blonde, hipster glasses, suspenders, always driving a red ’69 Pontiac GTO

Kevin is too cool to have a tragic past. He’s too cool for just about anything, actually, save cigarettes, classic cars, and dive bars; as well as fairly regular, illegal yet extremely lucrative murder assists. It’s easy money and requires no loyalty — only regular transportation and self-provided entertainment, usually in the form of trash talking.

Kevin’s only friend in the world is his partner in crime, Jose, and even Jose has a hard time putting up with his bullshit. Does Kevin even have feelings? Does he care about anyone? Grace strikes Kevin’s interest, but she gives him tough love, if any at all, and Kevin’s continuous botching of his assignments — whether it’s driving off too early or getting his car towed — has NICE at the end of their rope. It seems that all they need is an excuse to get rid of him…