American Gothic Press works largely with in-house properties such as BROKEN MOON and MONSTER WORLD; however, there are several avenues through which we acquire other titles.


Famous Monsters hosts a yearly film and comic festival in Santa Rosa that accepts submissions of features, short films, film scripts, graphic novels, and graphic novel scripts. The winner of the Best Graphic Novel award for 2016 went to Jon Clark for THIN, which is currently being released as a three-issue mini-series. Best Graphic Novel Script went to Laszlo Tamasfi’s INVISIBLE HANDS, also a three issue-mini, which is set to debut in early 2017.

Visit the SSF website for more information on how to submit. Accepted entries will be the subject of panel discussion throughout the festival, with winners being announced on Sunday.


Please be advised before sending us a pitch: AGP works largely within the genres of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. This does not mean we publish clichés or tropes. Please fully flesh out your characters and give them a purpose beyond eye candy.

Also, note that AGP cannot guarantee consideration if your pitch is sent by email. We are very busy individuals who go over submissions as often as possible, but we cannot read everything. For guaranteed consideration, please submit your book to the Silver Scream Fest.

Writers should sent a logline, short summary, issue breakdown, and sample script pages to submissions [at] americangothicpress [dot] com. If you have an artist attached to your title already, please include character designs and concept art.

Artists should send a small portfolio that includes no less than 5 sequential pages, in addition to any pinups and/or character art, to submissions [at] americangothicpress [dot] com.

Please allow several weeks for a response.